Air Logistics Services

In rendering our air charter broker service, we strive relentlessly to cater for all stakeholders. COPTERJET has segmented its services into three brokerage categories, which are as follows:

Agent of the Customer

COPTERJET will represent air charter consumers (acting as an agent of the customer). The customer contracts directly for our air charter broker’s services. With the contract stating explicitly that COPTERJET is acting as an agent on behalf of the client. Client’s overall interest will be duly protected in terms of safety, efficiency and total operational alignments. We will specifically match your flight’s mission with the most ideal charter operator.

Agent of the Air Carrier

At COPTERJET, we comply with all applicable regulatory and general best practices while we professionally act as your air charter broker. We are cleverly positioned to serve as the marketing arm for charter operators (acting as an agent of the air carrier), giving you a strong marketing edge, competitiveness and cost management. Ultimately, our marketing division we strive to align your sales objectives with the right marketing strategies, thus improving bottom-line and enhancing sustainability.

True Middleman Service

At the request of the client, COPTERJET’s Middleman Service is designed to source for an appropriate charter operator, with whom the customer then contracts directly for the charter flights. Or, at the request of a charter operator, COPTERJET will serve as a true middleman by finding customers for a flight or series of flights. In this middleman scenario, COPTERJET is neither the agent for the customer nor the agent for the air carrier. Clearly, COPTERJET is not directly involved, in any way, with the provision of air transportation under this service, and the customer pays COPTERJET separately for the services rendered. At all times, we prioritise integrity in our dealings.