Fleet Management

At COPTERJET, we prioritise safety, efficiency and reliability. Through our quality-driven synergy with our specialized technical partners, we are uniquely positioned to offer maintenance services for various types of aircrafts.


With our strong awareness of the right safety measures that will keep you safely airborne, we are fully committed to using the right blend of our unmatched expertise and versatile resources to create a unique leverage through systemic alignments of our clients’ aircrafts with the right technical resources known for specialized maintenance services with good track-record that will continue to deliver safe, reliable and efficient operation.


We ensure that our private and commercial clients’ technical needs are thoroughly aligned with their overall operational frameworks and with full conformity with all relevant regulatory requirements in accordance with best global safety practices by ensuring periodic and non-periodic audits combined with strict strategic evaluation of our clients’ aircrafts and operations. We ensure compliance, routine and scheduled maintenances are duly carried-out in timely manner all tailored towards a more efficient, reliable and continuous safe operation.


For us to keep you comfortably airborne, we will source and provide the right sets of flight and ground crews to take care of your private or business fleet. Copterjet will help you maintain solid professional oversight of your fleet, take care of all logistic burdens while you just fly.
If necessary, Copterjet will help you maintain a lower operating cost of your private fleet through strategic commercialization of your private aircraft while equally ensuring professional oversight that will deliver superior returns.