Ground Logistics Services

COPTERJET offers ground Logistics Services under four different categories namely: Administrative Services, Ramp Services, Passenger Handling and Ancillary Services.

Administrative Services

  • Processing of Over-flight and Landing Permits
  • Ticketing/Check-In/Document Verification

Ramp Services

  • Aircraft Ground Handling
  • Cabin Appearance / Detail Grooming
  • Cargo Management
  • Baggage Handling
  • Aircraft Towing

Passenger Handling

  • Baggage Check-In/Baggage Office
  • Wheelchair Services/Electric Carts
  • Charter Security Screening
  • Gate & Boarding/Airport Clubs

Ancillary Services

  • Ground Support Equipment Sales
  • Ground Support Equipment Maintenance
  • Ground Support Equipment Fueling
  • Lavatory and Water Services
  • Cleaning/Janitorial Services