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Quality Aviation Consultancy Services & Importance

COPTERJET provides unparalleled services that cater for all pre-regulatory approval and post-approval documentation processes by carefully engaging its vast resources to meet every required due process for securing needed regulatory approvals for the commencement of flight operation(s). Copterjet will continually evaluate and provide relevant guidance to ensure continuous compliance and proffer useful recommendations where applicable, with regards to regulatory standards and procedures as stipulated in the territory(country) of operation(s) and with regards to ICAO regulations and annexes in order to avoid flagrant violation of regulatory standards that may result in permanent sanction or any forms of sanction, which may ultimately jeopardize the success of flight operations.

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COPTERJET is a fully integrated Aviation Logistics Provider. It pride itself in its unique ability to deliver unparalleled Aviation Services through strategic engagement of clever resources, combined with its committed lines of expertise that are keenly focused on a purpose-driven center-beacon of supreme Aviation Solutions. A brand that comprises of versatile Professionals with a clear focus on excellence strictly blended with the most dynamic, efficient and uncompromising safety standards.

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Charter Logistics & Liaison in Nigeria

At COPTERJET, using our safety-driven strategies, we provide Air Chatter Services through our selected partners with similar safety cultures, by matching your specific flight needs with the right services that will exceed your expectations.

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